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  1. Pyrus ‘NCPX1’P Javelin™ - The skinniest of the skinny Ornamental Pears!

    Introducing Fleming’s newest, and narrowest, ornamental pear, Pyrus calleryana x pyrifolia 'NCPX1' Javelin™. ... Read more
  2. Native Introductions

    Flemingʼs Nurseries have spent several decades refining the production of Australian native trees and are proud to introduce a new Australian collection including: Eucalyptus robusta ‘Matong’ (PBR) - This exceptional new Eucalyptus robusta selection is named from the Aboriginal word meaning ‘strong’. ... Read more
  3. PBR Explained

    Ever wondered what the funny-looking symbol on many of Fleming’s labels is? It's a PBR symbol! What's that? Let us explain. ... Read more
  4. Australia's evolving plant palettes - Groundswell

    Did you know that the nursery industry takes a leading role in introducing plants for our future environment? Fleming’s experiences and efforts were featured in the April 2022 Groundswell publication. ... Read more
  5. Sensational new fruit from Fleming's

    Fleming’s the fruit experts have introduced two exciting new fruits that have proven to be perfect for the home garden with good cropping fruit trees that will double as ornamental trees featuring ruby foliage ('RubySensation') and pretty red fruit ('SweetSensation'). ... Read more
  6. Fleming's release TWO new Ornamental Cherries to blush over...

    After many years and meticulous planning and bringing new plants ito the country via tough new regulations, Australia is set to see a huge influx of beautiful new ornamental tree introductions in the coming years from Fleming’s Nurseries and the first of these are TWO NEW PRUNUS varieties. ... Read more
  7. Ever wonder why the leaves turn red?

    One of the most enjoyable things about autumn is the spectacular display of many deciduous trees and shrubs as their leaves change from green to a kaleidoscope of yellows, oranges, reds and purples. ... Read more
  8. A towering success

    Family fun in an ornamental orchard is the name of the game at the new Orchard Park located in Melbourne’s western suburb of Tarneit, designed and constructed by Fleming’s Landscapes and its design studio, Flow Design. ... Read more
  9. Like a fine wine

    Introducing Fleming’s centenary tree – Cercis canadensis ‘Merlot’[PBR]! ... Read more
  10. One Family, One Passion, One Century

    2019 marked a significant milestone in the history of the Fleming’s business reaching 100 years in operation. ... Read more
  11. A rose by any other name…

    Fleming’s is excited to announce the recent name change of Birdwood Nursery to Fleming’s Nurseries QLD. ... Read more
  12. The Art of Craft – the centre of Fleming’s Parks

    Fleming’s Landscapes has done away with the fast and furious model of building new urban parks and replaced it with one that reiterates the 100-year old company credo of ‘quality takes time’. ... Read more

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