One Family, One Passion, One Century

2019 marked a significant milestone in the history of the Fleming’s business reaching 100 years in operation. The multi-generational family business is running strong 100 years on with Wes Fleming, third-generation nurseryman and his family still at the helm.

Fleming’s has enjoyed a strong history with Eric Fleming starting the production nursery after being introduced to growing stocks by the famous Nobelius family of Emerald.

Playing cricket together, Eric and his very large family were soon growing root stocks for the Nobelius family which later grew to become a fruit production nursery in its own right as ‘Valley Fruit Tree Nursery’.

Many years later Eric’s children were dedicated to developing the fruit cultivars available within Australia and started building relationships with overseas breeding programs allowing Australian orchardists access to improved varieties.

By the 1980’s Don Fleming, and his wife Dawn, saw the need to refine the leadership of the business and bought the business from his siblings, and expanded their ornamental tree offer now as ‘Fleming’s Nurseries’.

With sons Wes and Graham, the new generation of Fleming’s were passionate about growing the best trees in Australia and tirelessly worked to improve their growing and production techniques, expanding the business operation, implementing professional standards of breeding and introducing new cultivars via their own quarantine facility.

After Don and Dawn’s retirement Wes and Graham also restructured the business allowing Graham to take on the orchard production side of the business in his own right as Graham’s Factory and Wes continuing to produce fruit and ornamental trees at Fleming’s Nurseries.

Wes went on to establish Fleming’s Landscapes and bought Birdwood Nursery in Queensland which is the site of their Clonal Production business as well as Australia’s leading avocado, mango and citrus nursery.

For more information about Fleming’s Landscapes head to the Fleming’s Landscapes section of this business – from landscape architecture, garden design to building amazing parks and outdoor environments – Fleming’s Landscapes has it all covered!

For more about our Queensland nursery operation check out the Fleming’s Nurseries Queensland section of this website.