Sensational new fruit from Fleming's

Fleming’s the fruit experts have introduced two exciting new fruits that have proven to be perfect for the home garden with good cropping fruit trees that will double as ornamental trees featuring ruby foliage ('RubySensation') and pretty red fruit ('SweetSensation'). Why not plant both and make a sensation with your family and friends!








'RubySensation' Peach

This delectable peach rated exceptionally high for taste appeal through its trialling phase at Fleming’s with quality, sweet flavour and appealing peachy aroma. The flavour is well balanced and is more sweet than tart with excellent flesh when ripe.  Another wonderful feature of the Ruby Sensation is its pretty purple foliage that is unique and highly ornamental.

Ruby Sensation Will crop well in cool temperate zones of Australia.


'SweetSensation'  Nectarine

An exciting new introduction from Fleming’s Nurseries, Sweet Sensation is an exceptional new Nectarine fearing crisp white flesh that is sweet and delicious.  The fruit will ripen to a deep red and may be eaten from early ripeness as a crisp nectarine or as it matures on the tree and softens – it maintains quality flesh and a mild sweet flavour throughout.

Sweet Sensation is suitable for cool temperate zones of Australia.