Pyrus ‘NCPX1’P Javelin™ - The skinniest of the skinny Ornamental Pears!

Introducing Fleming’s newest, and narrowest, ornamental pear, Pyrus calleryana x pyrifolia 'NCPX1' Javelin™.

It’s not very often that a tree with such ideal characteristics comes along. First and foremost, its slender habit is ideal for even the smallest and tightest of garden spaces. Perfect for awkward narrow garden beds along driveways, with enough height to screen neighbours and soften the appearance of buildings.

Pyrus Javelin™ is truly a tree for all seasons. Spring starts with an impressive display of delicate white flowers. As the season progresses, the flowers are replaced with dense, glossy, dark green foliage which makes an ideal background and screen for garden beds, courtyards, and fence lines. In autumn, the leaves transition to stunning shades of red, making a spectacular statement before the leaves drop allowing the winter sun through. 

Like all ornamental pears, it is very tough and adapts to a wide range of conditions. Pyrus Javelin™ will perform well in hot, dry conditions, heavy and wet soils, full sun, and part shade. In fact, we are yet to find a location where these trees won’t perform!  In larger areas, there are unlimited creative applications for Pyrus Javelin™ – lining paths and driveways, framing entrances, providing vertical accents in mixed planting schemes, grouped plantings, defining spaces, and looks especially good as curved row.

 Whether you are looking for a fool-proof solution for a problem garden space or aiming to create a visually impactful landscape design, this upright ornamental pear could be your answer. With its unique characteristics and striking appearance, Pyrus Javelin™ is poised to become a favourite and is sure to leave a lasting impression.