Native Introductions

Flemingʼs Nurseries have spent several decades refining the production of Australian native trees and are proud to introduce a new Australian collection including:

Eucalyptus robusta ‘Matong’ (PBR) - This exceptional new Eucalyptus robusta selection is named from the Aboriginal word meaning ‘strong’. Fleming’s felt this was an appropriate name for this cultivar as it produces a strong central leader with excellent calliper and is naturally self-supporting. The new growth emerges a lovely deep bronze colour and matures to a deep green.

Corymbia maculata ‘Gamai’ - Named from the Aboriginal word for ‘spear’, chosen for the trees upright growing habit which is the key feature of this cultivar, which offers shade, without impeding on pedestrian or vehicle access.

Corymbia citriodora ‘Warneet’- Smaller than typical, this selection has been chosen for its excellent broad, spreading form which offers a strong straight central leader with creamy white bark. The foliage is typical of lemon scented gums and features a lovely clean citronella scent.

These Native Introductions are set to revolutionise the Australian native tree offering. They offer a unique combination of consistent uniform size and habit with quality propagation and production which is a true breakthrough in Australian native tree production.

Naturally adapted to Australian conditions they are perfect for full sun positions and provide year-round screening.

As the most uniform Australian native trees available they are ideally suited for tough urban landscapes, including streets and parks.