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  1. Pyrus ‘NCPX1’P Javelin™ - The skinniest of the skinny Ornamental Pears!

    Introducing Fleming’s newest, and narrowest, ornamental pear, Pyrus calleryana x pyrifolia 'NCPX1' Javelin™. ...
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  2. Native Introductions

    Flemingʼs Nurseries have spent several decades refining the production of Australian native trees and are proud to introduce a new Australian collection including: Eucalyptus robusta ‘Matong’ (PBR) - This exceptional new Eucalyptus robusta selection is named from the Aboriginal word meaning ‘strong’. ...
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  3. PBR Explained

    Ever wondered what the funny-looking symbol on many of Fleming’s labels is? It's a PBR symbol! What's that? Let us explain. ...
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Our Heritage

Fleming’s Nurseries was founded in the early 1900’s by Eric Fleming who developed his techniques of growing fruit trees with the famous Nobelius family. By the 1960’s the family business had taken leaps and bounds with Eric’s sons and daughters actively engaged in the bare root production nursery - mostly supplying Australia’s buoyant orchard industry.