Pick of the Crop & Top10 Trees - Centennial Edition

In 2019 Fleming's released its centennial edition of the Pick of the Crop and Top10 Trees Magazine.  To celebrate 100 years of providing Australian gardeners with top quality trees, Fleming's combined what were previously two separate publications into a single, information-packed, 70 page 'top & tail' publication.  This edition is free to pick up from most garden centres that stock Fleming's products, and can be viewed for free below.  



Fleming's Top10 Trees:

When looking to purchase the perfect tree for your home needs, the options may seem endless, which is why the team at Fleming’s have developed a simple categorised guide to choosing an ornamental tree.

Fleming’s Top10 Trees Guide features a number of categories from Avenue, Autumn Foliage, Shade, Small, Narrow, Tough and Hardy, Purple Foliage, flowering, Medium and of course tree guru, Wes Fleming’s own favourites.  The Top10 Trees Guide highlights the trees Fleming’s experts believe perform their role to perfection.

Buyers may find selections popping up in more than one category making it a truly great selection – such as the ever-beautiful Indian Summer collection of Crepe Myrtles.  These great ornamental trees cross many of Fleming’s categories being tough and hardy, offering summer flowers, and autumn foliage.

Featuring ten tree cultivars or collections in each category – there will be something to suit even the fussiest of home gardeners and the options are dependable.

To ensure tree hunters have access to the latest information, Fleming’s regularly review their categories and update with better or newer selections they have trialled and introduced to the Australian market.

Recent new selections buyers should consider include the formal perfect Avenue tree – Nyssa Forum – stunning in uniformity as well as a great autumn foliage tree. Or consider their latest range of semi-dwarf and multi-stem of forms Crepe Myrtle – the Magic Series. Featuring a wide range including purple foliage, a range of flower colours including two very beautiful and unique red flowering Crepe Myrtles – these little beauties really are magic!

Consider Fleming’s Enchanted Forest collection of Cercis – the tree that is taking Australian gardens by storm!!

Fleming’s are the leaders in tree introductions into the Australian market and well understand our unique climate needs. Fleming’s extensive trials ensure the selections Fleming’s introduce are suitable to Australia and our Australian needs.

If you are having trouble making a decision on your perfect tree – head to Fleming’s Top 10 Trees and we promise the right tree will be there waiting for you.


Fleming's Pick of the Crop:

Wes Fleming’s developed the Pick of the Crop Fruit Collection as an easy reference for home growers to choose the best fruit trees for their gardens.  Too often Wes found gardeners reaching for the same old fruit trees because the name is familiar rather than taking a risk on better options or new and improved varieties.

By developing the Pick of the Crop Wes and his expert team, has put their fruit knowledge together in an guide making choosing home orchard trees easy and has based his selections on a very simple principles of ‘easy to grow’ and ‘tastes great’!

The guide does include many tried and true varieties like the ever popular Moorpark apricot grown widely since the 17th Century in England  and Australia’s favourite apple the Cripp’s Pink Lady selected by a Western Australia grower.  Pick of the Crop also includes a great range of truly compact growing dwarf and miniature trees ideal for urban gardens, and upright growing fruit trees that save on space and look great to boot!

Pick of the Crop includes many new releases to the Australian market as well – these varieties have been developed as they have superior eating qualities and produce beautiful fruit – try the naturally produced fruit crosses like ‘SpiceZee’ – a necatirne and plum cross that is simply delish!

Other categories in the guide include Stone and Pome Fruits covering traditional varieties such as apples, necatrines, apricots, cherries, plums and pears as well as nuts among others.

To buy the best fruit for your place – head to Pick of the Crop and enjoy the fruit of your labour!