Quercus rubra 

Quercus rubra 

The Red Oak is an attractive, well structured tree with good autumn colour and is ideal for larger park and garden situations or as a street tree where space permits.
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  • Genus


  • Species


  • Variety Type


  • Variety

    Quercus (Oak)

  • Growth Rate

    Moderate to fast.

  • Foliage

    Lustrous, dark green leaves with a lighter underside and deep sinuses between six to ten lobes. Turning red to golden-brown in autumn.

  • Bark

    Dark brownish-black to black with flat-topped, grey ridges.

  • Ornamental Fruit

    Acorns to 2.5 cm long with a shallow, saucer-shaped cup.

  • Tree Habit

    Broad rounded, with a spreading, symmetrical crown. Relatively fast growing when young, eventually becoming a large tree.

  • Tree Size

    10m x 9m

  • Flowers

    Insignificant flowers in the form of male and female catkins appear in spring.

  • Height (m)


  • Width (m)


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