Quercus palustris  'Pringreen' Green Pillar®

Quercus palustris  'Pringreen' Green Pillar®

An impressive columnar form of Pin Oak. This tree will create a very interesting feature in landscapes and is ideal for use in areas where lateral space is restricted. A stately tree, for use in streets, avenues, promenades and carparks.
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  • Variety

    Quercus (Oak)

  • Growth Rate


  • Foliage

    Glossy, dark green leaves up to 18 cm long and 13 cm wide with five to seven deep, fine lobes. Turning deep red to bronze in late autumn, with an even more brilliant scarlet colour in cooler areas. Leaves often persisting over winter.

  • Bark

    Dark brownish-grey, fissuring with age in flat, scaly ridges. The young stems are smooth greyish olive green.

  • Ornamental Fruit

    Stout acorns around 12 mm long with a shallow, saucer-shaped cap. None observed in Australia at time of publication.

  • Tree Habit

    Narrowly columnar, with dense, uniform, upright branching and a central leader. Narrow habit is maintained without the need for pruning.

  • Tree Size

    14m x 3m

  • Flowers

    Insignificant flowers in spring.

  • Height (m)


  • Width (m)