Quercus coccinea  'Scarlet Oak'

Quercus coccinea  'Scarlet Oak'

A handsome, widely planted tree, Quercus coccinea is suitable for larger parks, gardens, open spaces and for street planting. Autumn colour can be spectacular.
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  • Variety

    Quercus (Oak)

  • Growth Rate


  • Foliage

    Lustrous, dark green leaves with seven to nine deeply divided, slender lobes. The leaves turn scarlet in autumn (brilliantly so in cooler areas). The leaves usually persist on the branches into winter. The pale, woolly pubescence on the top of the bud helps to distinguish this species from Q. palustris (Pin Oak).

  • Bark

    Dark grey. Becoming shallowly furrowed between ridged plates.

  • Ornamental Fruit

    Acorns to 25 mm long, hanging alone or in pairs, with a deep bowl-like cap.

  • Tree Habit

    Open and broadly rounded. Pyramidal with pendulous lower branches when young. Eventually becoming a large tree.

  • Tree Size

    12m x 8m

  • Flowers

    Insignificant. Grey-green to tan male catkins; yellow-green to tan female flower matures to brown acorn. Blooms in late winter to early spring.

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  • Width (m)


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