Pyrus calleryana  x P. betulifolia  'Edgedell' Edgewood

Pyrus calleryana  x P. betulifolia  'Edgedell' Edgewood

A lovely ornamental pear that has a good spring floral display and attractive mid-green summer foliage that changes to reds and purples in autumn. Useful as a small feature tree for parks and gardens as well as streets, carparks and public areas. Produces stunning autumn colour in cool temperate areas of Australia.
  • Full Sun
  • Part Sun
  • Oval/Rounded Spreading
  • Easy to Grow
  • Mulching
Categories: Pyrus
  • Genus


  • Species

    calleryana x betulifolia

  • Variety Type


  • Variety


  • Growth Rate


  • Foliage

    Glossy green leaves with purple veins, turning to orange-red-purple hues in autumn.

  • Bark

    Reddish-brown and lightly furrowed with white, elongated lenticels. Smooth when young.

  • Ornamental Fruit

    Russet coloured globose fruits. Inedible.

  • Tree Habit

    Rounded, small tree.

  • Flowers

    Numerous white flowers.

  • Height (m)


  • Width (m)


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