Continuing the story of beautiful parkland living at Clydevale Estate in Clyde North, Fleming’ have developed a miniature version of the central park also found within Clyde. 

Already earmarked as a park to visit by Mamma Knows South and many other sites that value well planned and executed parks, the small but beautifully presented Pygora Way Park is a winner on multiple levels.

Loads of visually interesting elements provide this park with a sense of style hard to find in new urban communities these days. Bespoke designed materials, playground with fun and different play elements including boulders, bespoke swings, climbing mounds, and hard carved sculptures are all part of the fun here.

Open spaces are lined by small avenues that offer stature and that true grand park feel that has been designed to stand the test of time.

Fleming’s have been praised for their unique use of plants and trees throughout this estate and each park offers another step in the outdoor story of Clydevale but all with their own unique flavour.

Residents here will never want to move with such beautiful parks within easy walking distance – making life not only easy but beautiful, well balanced and accessible.