Pixie Crunch cv. 'Co-op 33' icon Dwarf Apple

Pixie Crunch cv. 'Co-op 33' icon Dwarf Apple

Matures mid-season. This small, bright, crisp and tasty apple is a delight to eat straight from the tree. It has the advantage of being bred for resistance to apple scab, making it low maintenance, ideal for those looking to grow organically.
  • Full Sun
  • Open Vase
  • Partner Pollination
  • Genus


  • Species

    x domestica

  • Variety Type


  • Variety


  • Skin

    Attractive red blush on sun exposed fruit over a yellow-cream ground colour.

  • Flesh

    Creamy-white. Juicy. Crisp. Medium texture.

  • Flavour

    Good. Well-balanced.