Parrotia persica 

Parrotia persica 

A stately, medium-sized deciduous tree that makes an excellent specimen. Shows some heat tolerance and is valued for its rich autumn colour and attractive flaking bark. A wide spreading tree which offers decorative features year-round.
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  • Growth Rate

    Slow to moderate.

  • Foliage

    Young foliage emerges with a bronze tinge and matures to a lustrous dark green. Autumn colour of yellow, orange, burgundy and red, is excellent.

  • Bark

    Mature bark is highly ornamental, and is shed in plates to reveal a white, to light grey colour.

  • Ornamental Fruit

    A small, insignificant capsule.

  • Tree Habit

    A rounded, spreading tree at maturity, often multi-stemmed.

  • Flowers

    The unusual flowers are borne in late winter and consist of small clusters of red stamens. As the pollen sheds, the stamens become yellow.

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  • Width (m)