Ginkgo biloba 

Ginkgo biloba 

The ancient Ginkgo is well-known for its attractive fan-shaped foliage with butter-yellow autumn colour and a distinctive winter branch silhouette. A striking long term landscape feature for larger parks and gardens or avenue plantings. Seedling grown and can be variable in habit but generally exhibits reliable autumn colour. Fruit mess can be a problem and consideration should be given to selecting male alternatives such as Ginkgo biloba Princeton Sentry™.
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  • Species


  • Variety Type


  • Variety


  • Growth Rate


  • Foliage

    Unique fan-shaped, mid-green leaves turning butter yellow in autumn.

  • Bark

    Light grey and scaly, becoming darker with age.

  • Ornamental Fruit

    On female plants, yellow, fsetid smelling, plum-like fruits are formed.

  • Tree Habit

    Pyramidal to upright oval becoming round. Open structured and strongly branched.

  • Flowers

    Greensih, insignificant male and female flowers on separate plants (dioecious) in spring.

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  • Width (m)


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