Ballerina® 'Polka' icon Columnar Apple

Ballerina® 'Polka' icon Columnar Apple

Compact, columnar tree. Medium sized round fruit. Green skin with red developing on areas exposed to the sun. Crisp and juicy flesh with a good flavour when picked straight from the tree. Suitable for fresh fruit, drying and cooking.
  • Pick Of The Crop
  • Full Sun
  • Upright Narrow Fastigiate
  • Partner Pollination
  • Genus


  • Species

    x domestica

  • Variety Type


  • Variety


  • Pollination

    Ballerina® 'Maypole', 'Waltz', and 'Bolero' or 'Jonathan', 'Granny Smith', 'Red Delicious'. White spring flowers flushed with pink.

  • Skin

    A green-yellow skin with some red developing on areas exposed to the sun

  • Flesh

    Creamy-white. Juicy. Moderately firm. Good texture.

  • Flavour

    Good. Sprightly.

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