Acer palmatum  'Dissectum Orangeola'

Acer palmatum  'Dissectum Orangeola'

A very highly regarded weeping Japanese maple that forms a large shrub or small tree with cascading branches. This beautiful weeping maple presents with fine leaves that display a range of colours, a feature of which is the bright orange growing tips in spring. Forms an attractive weeping tree and can develop into a stunning specimen tree, providing colour from spring through until autumn.
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  • Species


  • Variety Type


  • Variety

    Weeping Maple

  • Growth Rate

    Slow to moderate.

  • Foliage

    Finely dissected foliage that emerges orange, before changing to brown-red sometimes with green through summer. In autumn the foliage changes to orange-red and hangs on the tree for a relativley long time.

  • Climate

    Warm temperate to cool temperate. Prefers a site sheltered from hot winds.

  • Ornamental Fruit

    Rarely seen.

  • Tree Habit

    Forms an attractive cascading mound. Slightly less spreading than most dissectums.

  • Tree Size

    Small tree. Eventual size is dependent in part on the height of the 'standard'.

  • Flowers

    Insignificant red flowers.

  • Pruning

    Young trees will benefit from formative pruning.

  • Height (m)


  • Width (m)


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