Acer palmatum  'Dissectum Atropurpureum Ornatum'

Acer palmatum  'Dissectum Atropurpureum Ornatum'

A popular ‘laceleaf’ cultivar with excellent foliage colour variation from spring to autumn and a characteristic domed, weeping habit. The brilliant tones stand out well in the landscape. A suitable landscape feature for small protected gardens and parks.
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  • Species


  • Variety Type


  • Variety

    Weeping Maple

  • Growth Rate


  • Foliage

    Deep red new growth becoming dark coppery-burgundy then bronze-green with maturation in summer. Deeply incised with seven to nine long, fine lobes that in turn have serrated lobes. Autumn colour brilliant orange.

  • Bark

    Young stems are coppery-green.

  • Ornamental Fruit

    Small, red and green samaras in pairs.

  • Tree Habit

    Dense, rounded with pendulous branches.

  • Flowers

    Small, red flowers. Insignificant

  • Height (m)


  • Width (m)


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