Acer buergerianum 

Acer buergerianum 

Displays outstanding heat and dry-soil tolerance as well coping with semi-drought conditions making A. buergerianum excellent as a tree for parks and gardens in urban areas. An attractive, small, hardy tree with good autumn colour. Generally seedling grown, so can be quite variable in habit and foliage characteristics.
Categories: Acer (Maple)
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  • Variety

    Acer (Maple)

  • Growth Rate

    Slow to moderate.

  • Foliage

    The shiny, triangular leaves are tri-lobed with three main veins and a broad base. The spring growth is coppery-red, maturing to glossy dark green in summer and then turning to a brilliant greenish-red to yellow and orange in autumn. Very attractive foliage and good autumn colours are particularly appealing as the green toning gradually turns to red.

  • Bark

    Pale grey and coarsely flaky. Exfoliates on larger trunks, attractive range of colours from grey to orangey-brown.

  • Ornamental Fruit

    Green winged samaras, borne in pairs, ripen to brown in autumn. Can produce viable seeds which may be problematic.

  • Tree Habit

    Slender and upright in early years, spreading to a rounded habit as the tree matures.

  • Flowers

    Inconspicuous greenish-white flowers borne in corymbs during late spring.

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