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  1. New tissue cultured avocado rootstocks - Tree Crop

    Fleming's Qld are extremely proud of the advances that have been made in the tissue culture propagation of avocado rootstocks. ... Read more
  2. Weird and Wonderful!

    Not only does Fleming’s Nurseries QLD grow what some would call ‘traditional’ fruit tree’s we also grow some weird and somewhat unusual fruit trees. ... Read more
  3. Wanting to plant an Avocado?

    Why should you buy a grafted avocado tree from a nursery rather than planting a seed from the avocado fruit at home? There is a lifelong question about the difference between grafted avocados and seed grown avocado’s. ... Read more
  4. Top tips for planting your trees!

    Fleming’s Nurseries Qld take great pride in producing quality trees for your home garden. ... Read more
  5. Celebrating 40 Years

    They say 40 is over the hill – but Fleming’s Nurseries Qld has only just started!! We are delighted to celebrate 40 years in operation. ... Read more

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