Wanting to plant an Avocado?

Why should you buy a grafted avocado tree from a nursery rather than planting a seed from the avocado fruit at home?

There is a lifelong question about the difference between grafted avocados and seed grown avocado’s. Let us try and explain that for you. By buying a grafted avocado tree from your local retail garden centre will ensure that the tree you buy is true to type or the same as the parent. The grafting process ensures that the fruit that you will get from your tree is a genetic match for that variety. If you buy and plant a ‘Hass’ grafted avocado, you will get a ‘Hass’ fruit from your tree. You should also expect to see fruit in approximately 3- 4 years from planting.

However, by planting your seed from your ‘Hass’ avocado fruit there is a high chance that there will be a genetic variation. Pollination is unpredictable and if you took all the fruits from one tree and planted them in a field each tree would produce fruit that is different. They can range from slightly different to very different. You will get different flavours, textures, sizes and shapes. Your tree can also take between 7 – 15 years to fruit, if at all.

Different Types of Avocado’s, which is best for me?

Like most fruits, there are many different cultivars. Each cultivar can taste different, grow differently and some are suited to different climates.

The most commonly grown and eaten avocado here in Australia and around the world is ‘Hass’. These are the ones that you are most likely to find in the supermarkets. Identified by their darker green to purplish-black coloured skin when ripe, with an excellent rich nutty flavour and a harvest season from May to December (depending on your region) ‘Hass’ trees are quite adaptable and have been known to grow well in a range of different climates. They have been growing successfully as far north as Mareeba in QLD, in and around the Riverland in South Australia  / Sunraysia areas of NSW, as far west as Manjimup in Western Australia, and now even some plantings are going in around Tasmania.  Like most avocado tree’s they can be frost tender especially when young, so we would suggest offering them some protection on those frosty nights. The ‘Hass’ avocado has an ‘A’ type flower, which means that they can self-pollinate, and a ‘B’ type avocado is not essential to encourage fruit set. Expect the ‘Hass’ tree to reach an approximate size of 9m x 4m, however, you can control its size by pruning your tree biannually after your crop has finished.

If you have limited space in your garden you may consider planting a cultivar such as ‘Wurtz’, ‘Pinkerton’ or ‘Rincon’. Although there is no “true” dwarf avocado tree we classify these as dwarf / semi-dwarf as they do show less vigorous tendencies.  Overall size does depend on your soil, climate and care.  Again, you can control the overall size of your tree with bi-annual pruning once your crop has finished. Unlike the ‘Hass’ cultivar, these cultivars are green-skinned and will remain green-skinned even when ripe.

Other fantastic avocado cultivars to consider are ‘Reed’ and ‘Hazzard’, both options will provide you with that delicious, healthy, creamy fruit that you will love.

If you are in a colder climate, we would recommend planting a ‘Bacon’ avocado. This cultivar has shown to crop well in colder climates. The ‘Bacon’ avocado is a ‘B’ type flowering tree, so it is recommended to plant another ‘A’ type nearby to encourage cross-pollination and to assist with an improved fruit set. Please see our Flower Chart (*TO COME) to help with your selection.

See our ‘Product’ section to read more about the many different Avocado Cultivars, and to decide which is best for you.