Fleming’s second coming at Clydevale

Community parks and gardens are fast becoming Fleming’s Landscapes’ calling-card with yet another magnificent park now completed within the Clyde growth corridor in Melbourne’s South East.

The baby-brother to Clydevale’s main park, which was also designed and constructed by Fleming’s Landscapes, may be a little smaller but by no means lacking in amenity and style.

The park, approximately 500sqm in size, is a darling of design with nature play, climbing walls, fitness equipment, dynamic man-constructed mounds, and connectivity to the estate’s wetland network and open recreational space. All this combined with a palette of trees and plants that will grow to make park two a thing of beauty as much as it will be a community asset.

The second park in developer Abiwood’s hero estate, Clydevale, will eventually be home to three parks all designed by Fleming’s and executed by their dynamic construction team and plants experts.

The highlight of all the Clydevale’s parks will be the teams focus on botanical elements which make the development rich in canopy cover and stately in appearance and highly functional recreational spaces loaded with bespoke features including unique play equipment.

This second park echoes many of the main play space elements such as the unique play equipment as seen in the swing design which is sculptural in execution as much as it is functional.

The pathway connections from the wetland are lined with fitness equipment and the park incorporates cool seating designs with sunbeds to recline and enjoy the great outdoors.

The client brief was to create a 'juniors and pre-teen park space' that allows the younger kids and families ample space to enjoy the outdoors, interact as families with picnic facilities and shelters for entertaining as well as a place for locals to walk their pets, or exercise.

Fleming’s have nailed the brief and delivered in spades with the park not only featuring some fun and cool elements but also creating a synergy with the entire community.

Tree expert, Wes Fleming has made his mark with the canopy development at Clydevale – and the second park is no different. Wes has hand-selected a collection of deciduous and native trees for seasonal interest and year-round appeal.

Trees included in the park are numerous and include another vibrant avenue of Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia) maples (Acer), the stunning Elm – Ulmus parvifolia ‘Todd’, Zelkova’s and Tilia, as well as the evergreen beauty of the native Brachychiton and Corymbia.

Locals from far and wide have already discovered this awesome community park helping to cement Clydevale as the South East’s family mecca drawing crowds from beyond the borders of its own development.