Plum 'Satsuma'

Plum 'Satsuma'

‘Satsuma’ is a popular and well known blood plum. This mid-season ripening plum is generally a good bearer, and popular for eating fresh and preserving. Partly self-fertile, a pollinator will increase crop size. Chill Units: 300
  • Full Sun
  • Oval/Rounded
  • Self Pollinating
  • Pruning
Categories: Plum
  • Variety Type

    QLD Fruiting

  • Variety


  • Pollination

    Partly self-fertile. Possibly ‘Santa Rosa’ if blossom overlaps sufficiently.

  • Tree Size

    4 x 4 metres.

  • Skin

    Mottled dark red with a heavy lilac coloured bloom.

  • Flesh

    Very dark blood-red. Firm and juicy.

  • Flavour

    Good, sweet with a slight tang.

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