Mango 'Nam Dok Mai'

Mango 'Nam Dok Mai'

This popular Thai mango produces large, elongated and green fruit with a pink blush and delicate, sweet flavour. Ripens in late summer although can be harvested as a ‘green’ (unripe) fruit for certain dishes or eating fresh.
  • Full Sun
  • Oval/Rounded
  • Self Pollinating
  • Pruning
Categories: Mango
  • Variety Type

    QLD Fruiting

  • Variety


  • Pollination

    Self fertile.

  • Tree Size

    9 x 4 metres

  • Skin

    Tends to be thin. Greenish-yellow with faint pink blush.

  • Flesh

    Good quality. Medium to soft.

  • Flavour

    Good. Sweet, aromatic.

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