Mango 'Kensington Pride'

Mango 'Kensington Pride'

Widely considered one of the best flavoured mangoes, ‘Kensington Pride’ is an Australian selection also referred to as ‘Bowen’ after its namesake town in North Queensland. Australia’s most popular mango variety, ‘Kensington Pride’ will produce good crops early after planting.
  • Full Sun
  • Oval/Rounded Spreading
  • Self Pollinating
  • Pruning
Categories: Mango
  • Variety Type

    QLD Fruiting

  • Variety


  • Pollination


  • Skin

    Yellowish-green skin with some very slight red blush on exposed fruit when mature.

  • Flesh

    Juicy. Smooth.

  • Flavour

    Excellent. Sweet and aromatic when ripe.

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