Dwarf Avocado 'Rincon'

Dwarf Avocado 'Rincon'

Small-to-medium pear-shaped fruit is produced on this small growing, evergreen tree. Popular for the home garden due to its compact size. Suitable for container growing.
  • Full Sun
  • Oval/Rounded
  • Partner Pollination
  • Pruning
Categories: Dwarf Avocado
  • Variety Type

    QLD Fruiting

  • Variety

    Dwarf Avocado

  • Pollination

    Avocado’s are classified an ‘A Type’ or a ‘B Type’. To pollinate successfully you should pair an ‘A Type’ with a ‘B Type’.

  • Tree Size

    2.5 x 2.5 metres.

  • Skin

    Smooth, glossy green. Thin to medium thick. Peels easily.

  • Flesh

    Pale yellow to buttery yellow, with a slight watery texture.

  • Flavour


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