'Anna' Apple

'Anna' Apple

‘Anna’ is a self-fertile tropical apple that produces delicious red-skinned fruit early in the season. Ideally suited to subtropical climates however they will grow in warm temperate regions. The fruit is good for cooking and usually stores well for a short period of time. Although a pollinator is not necessary it can be beneficial to increase yield. Chill Units : 200.
  • Full Sun
  • Oval/Rounded
  • Self Pollinating
Categories: Apple
  • Variety Type

    QLD Fruiting

  • Variety


  • Pollination

    Reported to be self-fertile but ‘Dorsett Golden’ may help to increase yield.

  • Tree Size

    8 x 6 metres standard. 3 x 2 metres dwarf.

  • Skin

    Green base with red blush on exposed fruits.

  • Flesh


  • Flavour


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