One day a local dropped into the Fleming’s Nurseries Head Office looking to purchase some plants for her new holiday property located in Yellingbo.  After some chat and discovering Fleming’s is a wholesale production nursery it came to pass that she required some landscaping contacts. The rest is history and after three years, Fleming’s Landscapes have developed a beautiful bespoke garden environment.

The newly built homestead perches atop a steep rise overlooking a sprawling lake which Fleming’s have helped improve the interface of.  This project is a labour of love for client and Fleming’s alike, with each component developed in close consultation.

A heft retaining requirement to stabilise the rise to the main home, which resulted in the placement of significant rock layered and tiered in a masterful landscape rock exercise. To soften the effect of the vast stone wall, Fleming’s planted a plethora of annual, perennial and deciduous plants from Gaura to Felecia, Phlox and Lavender species together with various grasses as well as Phormium, Rhaphiolepis, Hydrangea, ground cover Lagerstroemia, and so much more, works in collaboration to create a cavalcade of beauty around the otherwise stark rock vista.


The site includes a function centre also overlooking the lake that required similar retaining and rock planting while feature trees have been selected for their tight upright form to bring vertical lines and a stately feel to the area.  Fleming’s upright Oaks – Querus Oakville Highlight were selected for this purpose.

Other parts of the garden feature many of Fleming’s iconic trees including crepe myrtle, Cercis Forest Pansy make excellent selections around the Homestead entry gardens while Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’ act as welcoming avenues extending from the drive to the main home.  These are just some of the feature trees planted across the estate.

Formerly a school camp, the site features various log cabins now being converted to family holiday homes as a retreat for the extended family of the owner and works continue to expand across the site ensuring this unique property will be a garden setting with heritage value for years to come.


Project: Yellingbo Private Residence
Location: Yellingbo, VIC
Landscape Architect: Fleming’s Landscapes – Flow Design Studio
Plant Source and Supply: Fleming’s Nurseries
Installation and Maintenance: Fleming’s Landscapes
Construction: Fleming’s Landscapes