CLYDEVALE ESTATE : Plymouth Boulevard Park

This beautiful park highlights all that is great about Fleming’s bespoke approach to designing and constructing community parks.

Our focus here is on providing a stunning local park that residents within the immediate community feel a strong connection to with a sense of place, a highly appealing kids playground, and visually pleasing structural elements all placed within a gorgeous garden environment.

Fleming’s have designed this playground to have a highly natural feel, offering local residents a place they can feel strongly connected to nature while paths, seating elements, play equipment all reject hard lines and offer soft, curved elements that relax the eye and provide a visually pleasing aspect.

Not only is there loads of room to play with a highly functional and fully equipped nature playground, but an active open space where kids can kick around, throw, run with their dog or simply throw out a picnic rug and enjoy a sunny afternoon.

Those seeking a breath of fresh air will also find loads of space to sit and read, contemplate life and relax.

This is a park with something for everyone at Plymouth Boulevard Park in Clydevale.