Family fun in an ornamental orchard is the name of the game at the new Orchard Park located in Melbourne’s western suburb of Tarneit, designed and constructed by Fleming’s Landscapes and its design studio, Flow Design.

Residents and visitors to the new Orchard community and its newly completed central park, will be ensconced within a beautifully designed open space that aims to include all people of all ages to engage and enjoy.

Fleming’s worked closely with project developer, APD Projects, to establish a feature park that brings the hallmark horticultural expertise of Fleming’s Nurseries together with the architectural understanding of its design house – Flow Design studio, and delivered by the landscape craft of Fleming’s Landscapes team.

With all elements a Fleming’s in-house deliverable – the outcome is unique.  For example, a huge super-advanced tree was craned into position sitting neatly within a cut-out circle within the park’s bespoke designed shelter – stunning!

The park is beautifully appointed with the kick-about / open reserve portion of the park precinct encircled by double plantings of Malus (crab apple) varieties – hugely ornamental with white and pink spring blossom set to really deliver in years to come.

Other features of the park include a nature play-space for children aged to 10am featuring a bespoke designed play tower with two slides.

The tower, a vision of Wes Fleming and designed in-house by Fleming’s team of designers, architects and crafts people, and constructed by Activity Playgrounds, is a significant structure featuring internal levels, outlooks, nets and slides making it a highly function play elements that doubles as an iconic architectural element.

“ We really wanted to see some seriously fun elements in this park, and while the site is lovely and flat – we needed to add some interest and the tower was an opportunity to do this in a creative way,” said Wes.

“ The park is a showpiece of horticulture meets design, with loads of our amazing feature trees, that will grow over time to become real statements of the park.”

The park aims to offer people places to play, relax, gather, exercise and meet and park equipment are all designed to cater to children of all ages with climbing elements such as a tractor ripe for the imagination.  Plants feature en-masse, the park surrounds, avenues and play park itself are forested by advanced trees and present the promise of a mature landscape sooner than later and large natural boulders double as features and climbing objects.


Project:  Orchard Park

Location: Tarneit, Victoria

Client: APD Projects

Landscape Architect: Fleming’s Landscapes – Flow Design Studio

Plant Source and Supply: Fleming’s Nurseries

Installation and Maintenance: Fleming’s Landscapes

Construction: Fleming’s Landscapes