After a comprehensive overview of community parks across Melbourne, Fleming's noted a significant difference between parks that were seemingly unused and those that attracted crowds.

Fleming’s found the most active parks in Melbourne catered to more than ticking boxes on a list of ‘council must have’s’. Pleasingly the thing the most active parks had in common was an abundance of greenlife including large shade trees, lawns and garden beds.

Successful parks included proactive play equipment that transcended a single age, catering to all from tots to teenagers, adults, families, and singles, and they combined the ability to allow multi-platform activity to occur in a natural, inclusive way.

The findings helped Fleming’s team develop a plan to ensure Clydevale would offer a park for all people – and ensure it was rich with greenery which studies show improves health and wellbeing generally.

From the moment of its completion, families and children from miles around have thronged to enjoy Clydevale Parks interactive play equipment – despite a cold, wet winter. The playgrounds, for tots-to-teens, offer a huge sandpit with a hidden dinosaur, basketball and ball play area, swings, natural rock climbing walls, look-out tower, water-play and more.


The real heroes of the park are the gardens with ‘Hyde Park’ inspired picnic grounds capped by a modern multi-purpose amphitheatre.

Fleming’s brought dimension and interest to the flat land expanse with an amphitheatre and look out hill. The sweeping amphitheatre becomes a place to sit, relax, a space for open cinema, plays or a makeshift stage for community events – already in the planning with council.

With more than a green thumb on hand – Fleming made a bold statement with advanced London Plane (Platanus x acerifolia) trees pleached to ‘umbrella’ forms that will eventually provide unique natural shade canopy around the BBQ/entertaining areas. The entire perimeter of the park is ensconced by avenues of advanced ornamental trees, the standout being a 50m-long archway of Parrotia persica.

Indian Summer Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica x faurie) will be a knock-out in summer with striking blooms pedestrians will love to meander through. One of Fleming’s new tree introductions is on show too, Nyssa sylvatica ‘Forum’, will shine in autumn with fire-bright leaf-turners.

Furnishings throughout are solid and contemporary, built to stand the test of time. Shade structures balance soft and hard materials with creepers trained to grow over the wood and steel structures.

Wes Fleming's designed a striking feature sculpture - a structure he purposely mirrored in accent furniture such as the swing frame, throughout the park.

Clydevale Park encourages active participation with wide paths ideal for walking, jogging and bike riding, while passive play equipment such as wooden animals are play structures for children, or seats and exercise equipment for adults.

Developer, Abiwood, have been astounded with the level of detail and finish of the park, and Fleming’s willingness to go above and beyond through the consultation process with council.

Not only have Fleming’s nailed Abiwood’s brief, but exceeded it in almost every way, delivering an outcome the entire community is already proud to call their own.


Project: Clydevale Park
Location: Clyde North, Victoria
Client: Abiwood Pty Ltd
Landscape Architect: Fleming’s Landscapes
Plant Source and Supply: Fleming’s Nurseries
Installation and Maintenance: Fleming’s Landscapes
Construction: Fleming’s Landscapes