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Fleming’s is a proactive company with 100 years of heritage and experience behind us. So, we understand that to be a great business we must be proactive in the; support and development of great people, support and progress of great communities and proactively work towards a great environment for everybody.

Every day we aim to achieve more.


Fleming’s is a family business owned and run by the direct descendants of Eric and Nell Fleming however all of our staff members are Fleming’s – whether it is their real surname or not. We actively promote our family culture and work diligently to ensure it is maintained. Families are welcoming and understanding, they provide protection and security and a place to call home – all the values Fleming’s as a business is proud to promote. At Fleming’s we are an equal opportunity employer, we welcome all people and with more than 50% of our management team being women, we are a flagship for women in horticulture.

Fleming’s is dedicated to the growth and development of our people. We work with school-aged apprenticeships through to active retirees and everyone in between. Our nurseries pathways program ensures our people experience constant connection and support through their probation period and helps ensure all workers have access to their line manager and senior managers, gain invaluable guidance early in their career and establish a strong understanding of their role and responsibilities.


Fleming’s believes in the active support of local communities. We are proud to extend the hand of support to ensure we are part of a culture that lends a hand, that provides fiscal and in-kind support to those that need it, and develops it sown avenues to ensure a brighter future for all Australians.

Fleming’s is especially interested in ensuring our young people have the best start to their education as possible which is why Wes Fleming developed a philanthropic project known as the KinderGarden™ project.

Each year Fleming’s actively supports approximately 100 Australian organisations including schools, charities, fire authorities and foundations in their fundraising efforts. We aim always to be selfless and extend the hand of help wherever possible.


At Fleming’s, the heart of soul of all we do is based in producing the best trees for Australia. We are so lucky that the core thing we do, is one of the core things our world, our people, our health and well-being needs to be healthy. So, it is only natural that we are always working on ways to protect and secure the viability of our environment – both on a micro and a macro level.