Fleming’s Nurseries grows and licences a number of ornamental shrubs including the Endless Summer® Collection of repeat flowering hydrangea, The Magic Series™ semi-dwarf Crepe Myrtle (lagerstroemia), stunning loropetalum, quercifolia hydrangea, physocarpus, sambucus, berberis, buxus, and many more.

Endless Summer® Collection

Hydrangea is back in a big way across Australia with Fleming’s introduction of the Endless Summer™ Collection of repeat blooming varieties.

Traditional hydrangea will bloom just once per season but now, with the introduction of the Endless Summer™ Collection and the range’s ability to continue to flower on old or new wood, hydrangea can bloom from early to late summer and often beyond.

Growers can further enhance the repeat flowering by pruning off spent flowers.

The Endless Summer® Collection will typically commence blooming from early summer through to early autumn.

Fleming’s recommends close pruning in winter (once the shrub has shed it’s leaves) to encourage strong spring growth and fresh vibrant blooms the following season.

The Original® – Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Bailmer’

Typically a blue ‘mophead’ flower, The Original® can produce pink to purple blooms depending on pH levels of the site soil.

‘Blushing Bride’ – Hydrangea macrophylla

Blushing Bride also produces mophead flowers that initially emerge with pale green buds that open to white blooms that will mature to a pale blush pink.

Twist-n-Shout® – Hydrangea ‘PIIHM-I’

Twist-n-Shout® produces vibrant lace-cap flower heads that are typically pink but may be altered to blue or purples depending on the pH of its site soil.

‘BloomStruck(PBR)’ – Hydrangea macrophylla

The latest in the exciting collection of repeat flowering hydrangea, ‘BloomStruck'(PBR) is proving to be very hardy and highly suitable to Australian conditions. Young stems and foliage are deep red and mophead flowers are typically pink lending to blues and purples depending on pH level of its site soil. ‘BloomStruck'(PBR) has proven very tough in hot conditions and less likely to wilt when compared to other hydrangea.

The Magic Series™ Crepe Myrtle

‘The Magic Series®’ Crepe Myrtle is the hottest thing in gardens across the world and finally they are here with thanks to Fleming’s Nurseries.

A striking semi-dwarf crepe myrtle (shrub form), features a resistance to Powdery Mildew and produce some of the most striking flower colours available in Australia today.

Featuring a high resistance to pest and disease such as leaf spot and powdery mildew – the range is hardy and will respond well in difficult, dry and full sun positions, once established.

The unique and extremely dynamic plant is sure to win the hearts of gardeners across the country and can be used in garden beds, as hedging, features in small gardens, can be grown in large pots and more.

Fleming’s have been extremely pleased with the collections trials which has seen vivid flowers rivaling anything Australia has seen to date. The glossy foliage and particularly the dark purple of the ‘Plum Magic’ is also set to impress and shows great durability in Australian conditions.

The collection has also been trialed in the north-eastern states of Australia where the plants have flourished with early flowering and repeat flowering trends and some areas of Queensland maintaining an evergreen status through the winter months.

‘Coral Magic’ – a glowing coral pink flower
‘Plum Magic’ – a bright fuchsia-pink flower
‘Purple Magic’ – rich vibrant purple flower and includes the deep purple foliage