Duo & Trio Plantings

Duo & Trio Plantings

If you are looking for more value for your space – you can always try planting fruit trees as a duo or a trio.

Duo and Trio is the term used for growing two or three fruit trees in the same hole. A wonderful way to save space in the garden and have more varieties to choose from. For instance you can grow two different types of pear together or three types of peach.


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Prune Your Trees

Maintaining a home orchard is not as mysterious as many believe. Providing you follow some simple rules, your home orchard will not only survive but it will thrive and reward you with abundant fruit year in, year out.

Pruning fruit trees is very easy and doesn’t have to be a difficult or technical process. There are many books on pruning and if you wish to entrench yourself that is a great way to go. But if you are simply happy with an easy, fuss free approach to maintaining your fruit tree here is the easiest guide to pruning.