Pome Fruit Trees

The following Pome Fruits have been selected for their ease of growing, cropping and of course flavour.  These truly are the ‘Pick of the Crop’!



The perfect selection of Pome Fruit for Aussie backyards.

"Eureka! I found it!" cried Paul Stark of Stark Brothers Nursery in the USA when he bit into a new and exciting apple in 1914 later to be known as the Golden Delicious Apple. "With one in your hand, you can't be sure whether you're drinking champagne or eating an apple," Stark enthused.

Apples can be grown in temperate zones or highland parts of the sub tropics but most apples do best in cooler areas.


There is no clear reference point to when pears came into being – in fact some believe there is evidence of pears in prehistoric eras.


Nashi fruit (Asian pear) is believed to have been introduced to Australia by the Chinese during the gold rush in the 1800’s.