Listing for Populus (Poplar)

Large, stately trees which are widely used for street and avenue plantings, parks and gardens, large properties, shelter belt planting and along driveways. Poplars are probably best known by the stately Lombary Poplar, widely planted in temperate Australia, however several styles of poplar are available including some newer introductions with improved form and functionality. Poplars are excellent for use in soil conservation areas for erosion control, are tolerant of air pollution and coastal areas and can be used in exposed sites.

Poplar (Populus)

Includes Populus deltoides x P. yunnanensis 'Kawa', Populus euramericanaxnigra 'Crows Nest', Populus nigra 'Italica' (Lombardy), Populus x canadensis 'Evergreen 65-1', Populus x canadensis 'Manawatu Gold', Populus x P. euramericana 'Veronese', Populus yunnanensis.