Listing for Peach

Peaches picked straight from the tree are a delight to eat! They come in white and yellow flesh colours and are self-pollinating. Peaches can be grown in containers and are ideal for ‘duo’ or ’trio’ planting with many having lovely spring blossom! Over the past several decades significant changes have taken place in the variety of peaches available in Australia and this is reflected in the range available from Fleming's Nurseries which includes newer white and yellow flesh varieties such as 'Daisy', 'Tasty Zee' and Double Jewel. Peaches are also available as Trixzie® miniature fruiting trees. Peaches grow to small, multi-branched rounded trees and are well suited to any size garden. They are hardy, but require full sun and do not like heavy, poorly drained soil. They prefer the temperate regions of Australia but will also grow in the warm temperate and cool temperate areas. Peaches may require some spraying for leaf curl and information on this should be obtained from your local nursery or garden centre.

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