Listing for Cherry

Cherry trees provide ornamental value in addition to tasty fruit and will enhance any garden. They are noted for their attractive dark green foliage, shiny, dark reddish-brown bark and clusters of white flowers in spring. Another feature is the autumn colour in the rustic tones of orange, yellow and red. Cherries prefer a cool, temperate climate that is relatively free from rain during the fruiting season, however fruit will set satisfactorily in many areas of Australia providing cross pollination (where it is required) is adequate. Some cultivars of cherries supplied by Fleming's Nurseries are self-fertile. Your local garden centre or nursery will be in the best position to advise you on the suitability of your area for growing cherries. The cherry tree is vigorous when young and grows to a multi-branched, medium sized tree and prefers full sun. Suited to a wide range of well drained soils, they mostly grow upright and slightly spreading.

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