Fleming’s Shaping the Future for Kids

A Fleming's KinderGarden(TM) in Berrigan (NSW) where children explore nature to enhance their experience.

The Fleming’s Group continues to lead the way for 0-6 year old children through improved outdoor play spaces with its KinderGarden™ project.

Backed by a research study by Deakin University, Fleming’s KinderGarden™ project is entering its third year with more than 10 Centres completed under the project.

Results of the study have a powerful message for Australian early learning centres – proving that natural play material and plants, trees and edibles, offer overwhelming benefits to children.

Fleming’s are on a mission to bring the imagination back into the play ground through nature.

By replaying ‘directional’ play equipment with natural materials, Fleming's are helping children rediscover their imaginations.  For example a plastic walking beam is replaced with wooden garden edging which may be used as a 'walking beam' or a road for trucks/cars, or a seat for play-lunch, and so on.

Getting back to green and bringing the ‘garden’ back into the kinder environment, is proving to be the best start in life for children according to this recent study.

The focus of the research is on observing the children’s physical and play interactions with their play environment before and after a re-greening project.

Deakin recorded higher levels of activity after the greening than before – with;

“ More movement across the space, and a greater range of types of movement after the greening. In particular, movements of walking and crawling up and down an incline, sliding, stepping and balancing were not observed until after the ‘greening’ of space.  Children were also now observed to be actively ranging across the space.”

It also provided them with an environment that offered new challenges in their play, and positive experienced of the natural world.

Fleming’s are urging play centres, Kindergartens, and day care centres to contact them via: leanne@flemings.com.au subject: "KinderGarden(TM) overhaul", for more information, and check out our KinderGarden page on here.


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