Cascading weeping cherries … something very special

When most people think weeping ornamental cherry trees, the image conjured is a weeping umbrella head grafted to a tall or short standard cherry tree.

But did you know Fleming’s also grow true naturally weeping cherries that ‘cascade’ from the ground up?

Cascading weeping ‘Snow Fountains’ and ‘Snow Showers’ are heaven sent. Developing over time to stunning feature trees, cascading weepers look like a waterfall of flowers tumbling over rocks in a river.

What is the difference between a cascading or multi-tier weeper and the standard weeper?

The cascading weeper follow their true habit – they are not grafted onto non-weeping stock.

A ‘standard’ weeping cherry is grafted onto a cherry tree rootstock – to have the nice long straight trunk. The weeping varieties then grafted onto the top of the root stock – usually at 1.2m or 1.8m height. This then forms the umbrella effect of the standard weeping cherry.

Espalier them for something unique

At our nursery we have espaliered the cascading weeping cherries onto wires to form rows of weeping branches that look magical in spring – you can do the same at home. Simply prune branches to a trellis of wires during winter or very early spring.

When planted in a small garden these trees make an excellent feature specimen … and in larger spaces they can be planted in rows to make a very impressive hedge feature.

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