Beautiful Bare Root Trees …

Shhhhhh don’t wake them, they’re asleep. Trees that is… Fleming’s beautiful bare root trees are trees sold while they are dormant in winter which makes this the perfect time to plant them in your garden.

Winter bare rooted trees are great trees to plant in your garden because;

  1. They will take full advantage of their new location with full spring growth
  2. Bare Root trees are usually a little cheaper than their potted counterparts
  3. Chances are you will find that rare tree you’ve had trouble sourcing in pots! We grow more bare root varieties than potted varieties.

There are a few tricks to getting a great result for your bare root tree when planting it – two in fact… the first is pruning and the second – water.

After almost a century of growing trees we really do know how to help you get the best results for your bare root tree.

  1. Prune. At Fleming’s we recommend pruning your tree by a minimum of 30% but better yet by 50%. That means you need to get those trusty secateurs out and don’t be nervous – simply cut all the branches off evenly at about half way and you are done.
  2. Water. It is imperative you water you bare root trees. These guys love to drink – especially through spring when they are establishing their lovely new root system and taking hold of your soil. We recommend a standard 2-gallon bucket of water at least once a week right through til Christmas.

Fleming’s is a wholesale nursery and does not sell direct to the public – but you will find our stunning trees in all good garden centres, nurseries and Bunning’s stores nationally (Excepting Far North QLD, Northern Territory). Head to our FIND US tab on the website to locate your nearest stockist.

Check our our User Guide for more information and advice on planting bare root trees:

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