Gardening Self-Help Guides

Fleming's Nurseries Gardening Self Help GuidesThe following help guides & forms are available for download in PDF format:

Fleming’s Top 10 Trees Guide (updated May 2013)
A guide to Fleming’s Top 10 Trees that makes choosing the right tree simple. (3 Mb).

Guide for Success with Fruiting Trees and Vines
A cross-reference chart/guide with general purpose information to help make growing trees and vines more successful. Acrobat PDF document.

Fruit Maturity Timing Guide
A simple cross-reference chart to show the timing of maturity for our common fruiting varieties. Acrobat PDF document.

Tree Planting Guide
Preparation and planting of bare root trees
Acrobat PDF document.

Pruning Guide
Pruning bare root trees
Acrobat PDF document (1Mb).

‘Duo’ Planting Guide
Plant a Duo – fantastic space saving ideas for your home garden
Acrobat PDF document.

Espalier Planting Guide
Espalier – space saving, decorative planting systems for fruit and ornamental trees
Acrobat PDF document (2.3Mb).

2020 Bare Root Wishlist
Fleming’s Nurseries is a wholesale nursery and does not sell direct to the public. This ‘Wish List’ is intended as a shopping guide for your local nursery only.
Acrobat PDF document (0.9Mb).