Wes Fleming answering some questions

Wes Fleming answering some questions

Where can I purchase Fleming’s trees?

Fleming’s trees are available from most Garden Centres and Nurseries.
See our ‘Where to buy’ page for a list of stores close to you.

Can I purchase my tree directly from Fleming’s?

As a wholesale nursery, Fleming’s can only sell to commercial businesses, and not directly to the consumer.

What if my local nursery doesn’t have the tree I want?

Nurseries can order in specific trees as required, provided they are still available from Fleming’s.

What is a ‘bare root’ tree?

In winter, many Fleming’s trees are shipped without soil or pots. This helps to keep the packing and transport costs to a minimum. The trees are in a dormant state due to the colder weather, and can survive without soil and water for a short period.

How do I plant my bare root tree?

For a simple to follow planting guide refer to our help guide section of our website

How do I prune my new tree?

Fleming’s have produced a comprehensive pruning guide to help with this – See the help guides page for the downloadable document.

How should I fertilise my bare root tree?

Fertilisers should never be added directly to the planting hole, as they may burn the new roots as they grow. In the first year after planting in the ground it is generally more important to get the watering correct than to fertilise. When fertilising is required the best results are usually produced using a complete fertiliser applied to the top of the root zone early in the growing season.

How do I select the right tree for my position?

The Fleming’s Top10 Tree section of the website is a great place to start looking for the right tree for your situation. We have identified the most asked about tree categories and listed our best trees for each of those categories.

My fruit tree flowers each year but does not produce fruit…Why ?

Pollination is the key, but it may be a number of factors. It may be that your tree requires pollination from another like cultivar that is in flower at the same time, it may be that the ever changing climate is effecting fruit set, it maybe a lack of bees or other insects to transfer the pollen or even quite simply rain at the time of pollination.

How do I find out about chemicals or sprays to use on my fruit or ornamental trees?

We advise that a suitable spraying regime will help fruit production and pest control in the home orchard and pest control in ornamental trees. As we are not a chemical company we are not positioned to be able to advise on the specifics of chemicals. Different States of Australia have various legislation relating to chemicals and the companies that produce these products are best placed to advise on the use of their products via the local nurseries or garden centres that they supply. Suffice to say you should always follow the manufacturers instructions.

Will the the tree roots cause damage to paving, buildings or plumbing?

The likelihood of tree roots to cause damage depends both on the type of tree and the proximity to the structure. Generally the more drought tolerant the tree is the less likely it is to cause damage. Water sensitive trees need to have a vigorous root system to be constantly seeking water, therefore their root systems are usually more extensive and aggressive. The other thing to remember is that large trees have a large root system in order to anchor the tree in the ground.