Fleming’s Landscapes

Habittude by Fleming’s

This is our promise to Australia’s developing urban landscape. 

We care about and appreciate the major benefits of establishing landscapes from the outset. We work hard to ensure they grow into healthy, thriving outdoor environments for the long term.

Working with councils, developers, planners, and landscape architects, Habittude is the glue that has long been missing in the process of creating perfect urban habitats.

A one-stop operation, Habittude relieves the need for multiple contractors, and backed by the Fleming parent company, will stop at nothing to ensure maximum  soft landscape survival is attained and remains accountable throughout our tenure.

The Habittude process…

Not just a supply, install and maintenance service, Habittude by Fleming’s works to ensure street situations survive, and thrive, for the long term.

Fleming’s Nurseries is among Australia’s leading tree growers following four generations of family know-how.  Our trees are regarded as the best available but moreover our growing methods and understanding of trees ensures a commitment to establishing trees in any urban situation.

From delivery to maturity, Habittude strives to ensure the streets, parks and gardens we care for produce results better than imagined.

What Habittude does…


A one-stop process to getting the right trees established.  We work with you and your consultants to ensure correct tree selection.  We supply and source if necessary, only the best varieties to uphold our reputation for quality.  We install using our unique methods, and we maintain landscapes prior to council hand-over (and beyond if required).

Trees guaranteed

So passionate about delivering on our promise to establish healthy trees into the urban environment, we are prepared to guarantee it.

Quality Trees

Fleming’s Nurseries is among Australia’s largest and most well respected grower of ornamental, fruit, deciduous and native trees. In choosing Habittude you benefit from four generations of Fleming’s tree knowledge.  If trees need sourcing we select to our exceptional quality standards and will accept nothing less.

Council Coordination

We are experienced in navigating our way through council landscape process and can manage this process on a clients behalf.

Preparation of detailed landscape plans and working through council process to secure appropriate approvals while negotiating the best possible outcome on your behalf, is part of the Habittude service.

Rescue and Recovery

Habittude was developed out of a need Fleming’s director, Wes Fleming, saw to save his trees struggling to survive and dying in various urban situations. 

Establishing trees is widely misunderstood and can lead to the loss of hundreds of what should be thriving trees. 

We provide services to rescue and recover trees in need.  Habittude assesses recovery options and implements rescue programs to bring neglected trees back to life for the long term.


An attitude to creating perfect urban habitats