NEW MAGIC for Fleming’s – including stunning new RED flowering crepe myrtles. PRE-ORDER with your local garden centre today!

Fleming’s Nurseries is delighted to release not one but FIVE new semi-dwarf flowering crepe myrtles as part of The Magic(R) Series this summer.

Now is the time to PRE-ORDER with your local garden centre, there is limited stock this year so this magic will be rare.

The selection includes two exciting new true red crepe myrtles, Ruffled Red Magic and Red Magic both featuring gorgeous bright red blooms. On top of these two beauties are Moonlight Magic – a white flowering crepe that features rich purple/maroon foliage, Midnight Magic – a beautiful dark pink flower, and finally Twilight Magic which features a coral pink bloom and plum foliage.

Talk about red AND ruffled! This new semi-dwarf lagerstroemia (crepe myrtle) showcases distinct, carnation-like, glowing red flowers that show beautifully against the lustrous dark green foliage which also turns orange-red in autumn. The habit is upright, but compact, with dense branching.

RED RED RED!! Oh yes indeed, Red Magic is definitely a hot red crepe myrtle. An early summer bloomer with brilliant red flowers and foliage that emerges with a red tint and transforms to deep green in the summer, Red Magic will make a bold statement.

Midnight Magic has superb purple-maroon foliage and offers loads of dark pink flowers. It has a rounded compact shape. Depending on the region, most will begin to blooming in January and continues for an extensive flowering period – often well into autumn. Midnight Magic features beautiful dark foliage.


A snow-white flower will make a striking contrast against the rich deep purple-maroon foliage of this slender, upright growing crepe myrtle.

The combination of deep plum-colored foliage and coral-pink flowers is stunning. This upright, multi-stem tree really stands out in the landscape when it blooms. Even when not in flower, the dark foliage is handsome all on its own.

Magic Crepe Myrtles

Like the others in The Magic(R) Series, the new releases will re-bloom in late summer if the first flush of flowers is deadheaded (removed).

These new additions will be released in summer 2018 and will be available from selected garden centres. Get in first and order today (with your local garden centre) for summer 2018 availability. View our ‘where to buy’ page for your nearest nursery or contact Fleming’s on 03 9756 6105 –

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