Liquidambar styraciflua 'Rotundiloba'

Family: Hamamelidaceae.
Landscape value: This cultivar makes a superb specimen or shade tree for large open spaces such as parks and gardens. Notable for its unique foliage shape, autumn colour and the absence of woody fruit.
Height: 13 metres.
Width: 7 metres.
Growth rate: Moderate to fast.
Habit: Narrowly pyramidal, becoming more ovate with age. Can tend to a slightly irregular outline.
Foliage: Leaves, with rounded lobes are lustrous dark-green, turning yellow to burgundy-reds in autumn for an extended period. Autumn colour can be spectacular, dependent on region.
Flowers: Inconspicuous.
Fruit: Reported (overseas) to be fruitless. Some fruit observed in Australia
Bark: Grey, becoming roughly textured with age.
Tolerances: Wide range, including wet sites, but performs best in moist, slightly acid soil and full sun. Will grow in coastal areas provided sea spray is minimal.
Comments: May be slow to recover from transplanting. Leaf chlorosis may occur if planted in soils of high pH. Available from Fleming’s Nurseries in containers only.
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All tree sizes are an estimate of the tree dimensions at 20 years.