Stone Fruit Trees

The following stone fruits have been selected for their ease of growing, cropping and of course flavour.  These truly are the ‘Pick of the Crop’!

The finest collection of Stone Fruits for the home garden.

"When offered an F2 tree about 18 months ago I expected it would take a couple of years to produce any fruit. I chose a ‘Cot N Candy’ tree and was delighted when it produced fruit this summer. It was a year earlier than I expected. The Apricot x Plum fruit was paler than I expected but tasted just like an apricot and looked just like the picture shown on the tag that came on the tree." – BRONWYN from Victoria


Almonds can be grown successfully in cooler areas of Australia, best results are achieved in areas with warm dry summers.



Apricots have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. They are best grown in full sun and prefer well-drained soil.



Cherries are either white or red fleshed. They also provide beautiful ornamental value with stunning blossom in spring.



Nectarines are yellow or white fleshed and have long been sought after for their delicious sweet fruit.



Peaches are beautiful to eat whether fresh from the tree, in salads, stewed, cooked in desserts, preserved or dried.



Plums are delicious and are a fabulous addition to any home orchard. Here are the plums no home should go without.