Robinia pseudoacacia 'Lace Lady'

Family: Fabaceae.
Landscape value: An elegant, compact Robinia with distinctly twisted and contorted branches and leaves. This is a tough medium-sized shrub to small tree is especially suited to containers for patios and other paved areas where it will be smaller growing than usual. Also good as a feature tree offering year round interest.
Height: 5 metre(s)
Width: 3 metre(s)
Habit: Rounded to ovate. Branches strongly contorted.
Foliage: Mid-green, curled and twisted pinnate leaves turning yellow in autumn. The spring growth is bright lime-green.
Flowers: A few white 'pea' flowers to 2 cm across, borne in racemes.
Bark: Silvery-grey.
Tolerances: Adaptable to a wide range of soils and site conditions including dry positions, heat, air pollution, poor soils and coastal areas. Does not grow well in waterlogged soils. It has been reported that the leaves, young shoots, pods, seeds and the inner bark of R. pseudoacacia are toxic to horses and other animals when ingested.
Comments: The plant size is generally smaller than indicated when it is grown in a container.
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All tree sizes are an estimate of the tree dimensions at 20 years.