Pyrus calleryana 'Aristocrat'

Family: Rosaceae.
Landscape value: A very attractive, medium sized ornamental pear with a very good branch structure and excellent floral display. A tough and adaptable tree ideal for use in many landscape situations such as in parks and private gardens or as a street tree where lateral space permits. A fine shade tree with good structure.
Height: 11 metre(s)
Width: 7 metre(s)
Growth rate: Moderate.
Habit: Broadly pyramidal with firmly attached horizontal branching and a slightly an open crown.
Foliage: Lustrous dark green leaves with a wavy (undulate) margin. In late autumn the foliage colour is variable from mainly yellow to reds.
Flowers: Abundant white flowers are borne in corymbs in spring.
Fruit: Russet coloured fruit, speckled with creamy-yellow. Inedible.
Bark: Greyish-brown, lightly furrowed.
Tolerances: Adaptable to a wide range of site conditions including quite dry conditions, slightly alkaline soils and air pollution. Appears to be able to handle intermittently wet, heavy soils.
Comments: Best in full sun. Requires some protection from sustained high winds. Offers a stable alternative to the common Pyrus ussuriensis.
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All tree sizes are an estimate of the tree dimensions at 20 years.